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Human life is a source of water, movement and joy. On the basis of this belief, we have established [BREEZE} Aquaаit Studio& SPAthat combines all these three elements – movement in water with the help of aquabike trainers, treatments and programs for the healthy and fit body, and nutrition consultations in the face of nutrition specialist, special smoothies and healthy food delivery.

Movement in Water– special aquatic trainer, which magic lies in the possibility to do sport and to cherish the body simultaneously. Three-in-one – water, bike, hydromassage. Within 30 min training session you will lose up to 650 calories, that are equal to 1.5 hours spent in the gym. As a result fit body and absence of cellulite guaranteed.

Treatment for the Healthy Body– relaxing, cleansing and skin improving massages and body wraps. We do offer individual programs that lead to 100% effective and healthy weight loss, energy boos and inner happiness.

Nutrition Academy – Good old saying “You are what you eat” totally describes our concept, since we offer nutrition specialist consultations, healthy smoothies and healthy food delivery.

[BREEZE} Aquafit Sudio & SPA


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